1st class training services...

Using a purposely laid out field approximately 10 minutes from our our house, we are able to offer training for your gun dog wannabies! We have areas of long grass, vehicle tracks and even a stocked rabbit pen available.

Dave offers all types of training from general obedience to a fully trained gundog. Private one to one lessons & group lessons/sessions. He is also an accredited Gundog Club trainer/assessor and has regular Gundog Club training  Although we specialise in the Gundog breeds, most breeds are capable of some sort of obedience training. We have helped people with all sorts of breeds from a Terrier to a German Shepherd, Cocker to a Brittany .

We can offer training on a private one-to-one basis where the owner will come along with his/her dog and have private lessons on how to train and handle their dog. These lessons prove to be very popular as you learn along with the dog and it’s great for us to see the owner turn into a handler and to see the progress you make together.  Towards the middle of the summer through until the middle/end of September, we hold group training for retrievers, for intermediate to advanced. This is a great way to prepare for the fast approaching season, we have cold game training when game is available, we also have regular live game training/shooting, on a shooting estate, having both walked up and driven training.  Many of our clients have gone on to compete with their dogs and achieve major results in tests/trials, some having gone on to making their dogs 'up to' Field Trial Champions! Other clients who may not have the desire to compete, have learnt how to train, and handle their dog into a well behaved shooting companion which is a pleasure for them to take out and work. 

Woodash Gundogs