We must be good...

I was having some problems with my English Springer Spaniel Max. After being recommended to Dave by a friend of mine, I made contact and had some individual training sessions, after three sessions there was a positive change in my dog and in me as a handler.
Dave’s attitude to dog training is very professional but in no way intimidating, tinged with some good humour and bad jokes.
It is obvious that Dave has a wealth of experience in gundog training, and communicates this very well.
I am very pleased with my gundog’s progress and my progress and it is money well spent.

Dean Goodman

I first met Dave on a field trial training day where he and another judge were putting some of us novices through our paces, and giving us a feel at what really happens at a trial. He spent time with each handler and advised them what to do to improve their dog’s performance and their own handling skill. I found Dave so informative and knowledgeable that I subsequently arranged several one to one training sessions. His friendly practical approach puts you at ease and the advice he gives allows you to carry on training at home. He has always been happy to provide assistance at the end of a phone when I have had problems or difficulties.
I will be going back to Dave soon (as long as the rates don't increase and his wife gets the biscuits out!)

Roger Davis

I recently obtained Jay, an eight month old springer, from Dave Rayner who was highly recommended to me by several different sources.  Dave operates an extremely caring and professional set up near Burnham-on-Sea.  He breeds, trains and trials and when we visited his kennels it was obvious that he is passionate about his dogs and their well being.  Dave showed us his kennels and his dogs, and he gave us a quick demonstration of the standard of his winning bitch – she was stunning.  He showed us the pedigrees of several of them and took the time to explain Jay’s history, showing us photographs and documentation.  He let us spend time with Jay while we made our decision about buying him and then took the time to make sure all the formalities were in order before we took Jay home.   I wouldn’t hesitate in getting another dog from Dave and I would recommend him to anyone who was looking to obtain a well balanced, well bred dog.  Dave also offers dog training – and Jack, another of our springers, will be going to Dave shortly for a bit of ‘fine tuning’.

Pete Rollings

Woodash Gundogs