Our Rich History together...

Most couples when they get married and buy their first home together, rush to the estate agents, get the keys and start moving in - not us! We got the keys to our first home, then we rushed up the motorway to Whitchurch and picked up our first Springer Spaniel bitch puppy, Bella. The breeder very kindly agreed to hold onto the puppy until our house purchase went through. We then took Bella back to our new home, unfurnished - but we weren't worried about furniture etc., as we had our own house and our first Spaniel and life was great. That was just the beginning.
By the time our son Ben came along in 1991 we had trained a number of Spaniels and had bred a couple of litters. Ben's life was mapped out from the point where he was 'Christened' by Butch (Flintwood Harvestor of Woodash) - Ben was lying on his changing mat when 'Butch' came into the lounge and was so excited to see him that he stood over him and peed! Ben also helps with the dogs, is a very good shot and regularly shoots over the dogs for us.

We run a small, friendly kennels situated only 10 minutes from the M5 Motorway and Dave currently offers One to One Training and group lessons. Anyone interested in training please see the 'Contact Us' page and either phone or email us.

Dave regularly competes in Field Trials with considerable success, and has over the years won many Field Trials and  countless awards. We currently  have our Field Trial Winning  Labrador bitch Woodash Ebony and 2 FTW English Springer Spaniel Bitches in our kennels, one of which is an Open Field Trial Winner, her mother is also one of our bitches, FTCH Halaze Layla of Woodash. which we occasionally  breed from. We also have a number of younger dogs and bitches in the kennels which are showing great potential for the future. As well as competing in Field Trials, Dave is a Kennel Club 'B' Panel Spaniel Judge, and is regularly invited to judge both nationally and internationally, and also to shoot at trials.

I expect you're wondering what Lex does - well she's the Kennel Maid! Lex really enjoys picking up and working her Black Labrador Bitch Jessie, who has become quite proficient on the occasional runner. She very often comes out on training/shooting days and the lads will occasionally allow her the odd retrieve (she has even eye wiped us on one occasion, but we don't talk about it - best forgotten!!).

Since getting Jessie, Lex has bred a few litters from her and has trialed one of the bitches from her first litter, Poppy.  She hopes to continue to do well in labrador trials, and has a few promising youngsters coming along.

Woodash Gundogs